A community bound into a vast network by radio frequencies, transponder codes, tail numbers, voices, and tracks on Flight Aware. Because “In the air, nobody can see the color of your skin.
I had a rough concept in mind - Bindi, a discarded folk art wooden doll who is superseded by more technologically advanced toys wants to go to "Bollywood" and find her fortune there.
Now, and perhaps even in that moment in the hospital ICU private ward, I like to think that perhaps he was casting his mind back to the early 1950's when he lived in New York, which, judging by photographs from his time there, must have been the time of his life...
I sat at the back where it was coolest and surrounded by the monochrome collage of pictures of Old Soho that papered the walls at the rear of the cafe, staring unblinkingly at the unending stream of traffic outside and people walking lazily past....

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Review: Brendan McCarthy, comic strip artist and co-creator of “Mad Max – Fury Road” has done a lot since I first blogged about meeting him in 2007 over a coffee...


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