In more ways than just cinema, the immigrant community of that part of West London in the 1960's and 1970's could be viewed as a counterpart to that depicted in Tornatore's film, since many came from rural villages with a farming background.
When I finished my PhD in 1979, my next career step was to do a postdoc. I wanted to go to the Huge Lab in Strasbourg, since it was the most high-profile lab in Europe at the time.
I bought this book in 1978 and reread it after I finished my bio of Tove. Her father was a sculptor, Viktor Janssen, and her mother, “Ham”, an artist. It is a quick read-about 2 hours-and consists of short vignettes written from a child’s point of view.
The most remarkable thing about Anderson's episodic TV series, each running to between 25 and 30 minutes, is how you are drawn into the carefully crafted puppet worlds...

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Review: Brendan McCarthy, comic strip artist and co-creator of “Mad Max – Fury Road” has done a lot since I first blogged about meeting him in 2007 over a coffee...


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