Retro Enterprise Project..


I’ve been sluggish posting updates on this on-going project – the original idea spun off from imagining an “Amazing Stories” or 60’s sci-fi novel cover, with the USS Enterprise re-imagined as “retro-styled” – actually both examples represent a span of 30 or so years when the visual conception of an interstellar spacecraft was almost uniformly the same, until the actual space missions caught up and changed this conception forever.

The original USS Enterprise hovers between these periods in terms of its design but is clearly forward-looking in terms of being an extrapolation of hard scientific ideas about space travel, against the romantic and baroque notions that went before.

Still, there’s something very interesting about those early concepts, which the original Star Trek series managed to capture, in tone.

This is a WIP image using one of the latest renders, made up from a collage of found imagery and some work in Procreate.