Continuing on the “retro” theme I started with my “Retro-Enterprise” project a while back, where I re-imagined the classic lines of the original series “USS Enterprise” from “Star Trek” as a design from the era of “Pulp” sci-fi magazine covers, here is the latest addition on the same theme.

I have to say that the idea was inspired by a general dissatisfaction with the new re-imagined “Thunderbirds” TV series : “Thunderbirds Are Go!” – & in particular with the new “FAB-1” pink Rolls Royce, which is the vehicle of “Lady Penelope” – as a result I rattled off a quick doodle of what I felt it should have looked like, since somehow it’s been turned from something iconic, into something generic and lacking is a distinctive “shape”, which the original had from the get-go.

O.K, first off, this is a rather stylised version of the original – longer and maybe a little more aerodynamic, a re-vamp but without losing any of the distinctive details and lines of the original design.

It would have remained at this stage if it hadn’t been for my curiosity in trying to realise it as a 3D CGI rendition – mainly because in the new series, all the vehicles are CGI models set in a world of real miniature sets, but seem to have been given a toy-like quality.

Here is the first render – this is a single-pass render & the angle doesn’t really give away too much apart from the rake of the grille, which is a departure (& some would say, an audacious one) from the original…more to come in future posts – stand by for action etc…:)

Ravi Swami 2015